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    Recyclables are commodities which prices fluctuate with supply and demand.  I notice this post is a month old.  Since then, the price of cardboard has dropped to half of what it was because China, the largest consumer of US recyclables, has dropped out ...

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    All,   Recycling can be a great bolt on for your business. When the market goes up substantially there is always talk of doing this type of expansion and with the increase in prices (and the notoriety around it) your client base starts asking to ...

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  • Many technologies are billed as hot, exciting and revolutionary. But which ones are really deserving of that moniker? Which ones are destined to change — or are changing — the storage universe? Enterprise Storage Forum asked the experts.
  • The virtual data room (VDR), a more secure version of conventional cloud storage, is becoming increasingly popular in 2017. This digital system is commonly used to advance online data transactions and corporate exchanges. Its technology allows negotiating parties in a business deal to exchange crucial information more rapidly, regardless of the distance between them.


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