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    I am polling to see what you see the industry doing when it comes to boxes, scanning and destruction? Are you seeing growth, flat line or shrinking? This is not a reflection of your business but a representation of what you are seeing. Thanks for any...

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    It depends on how many plans are in a bag. We have a hand full of locations that store the bags. Most are stacked, which makes retrieval time consuming because you have to take multiple bags off just to get one bag. The bags we store typically run...

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    Can anyone point me in the right direction as the association just points me to this forum. I have a customer wanting climate controlled storage for a few thousand boxes. The warehouse I was planning to store them at I don't offer this service however...

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    Good morning, We are searching for new software for our mobile document shredding business. Ideally this software features the following; fully integrates with an accounting solution such as QuicBooks, schedule/route optimization, recurring service...

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  • Learning about the origin of filing cabinet software can help us to understand it in its contemporary context. John Mancini, the president of the Association for Information and Image Management, is one of the world's leading experts on information management: AIIM recently declared eFileCabinet user Chris Beebe as its paperless office hero for its World Paper Free Day event.
  • As U.S. Federal agencies plan to replace outdated technology equipment, it becomes increasingly important to deploy IT asset disposition programs that ensure data security and provide e-waste recycling and value recovery services. To help address this growing challenge, Iron Mountain Incorporated and ITRenew recently announced a partnership that combines ITRenew's ITAD software and services with Iron Mountain's secure chain of custody and logistics to serve government entities and federal agencies across the U.S.


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