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  • Posted in: PRISM Open Forum

    After TG1's last conference call, I felt compelled to share an exciting and valuable addition to this year's annual conference in Tucson, Arizona. I've copied a sneak peak of the details from our "working draft" conference planning tool... I hope the...

  • Posted in: PRISM Open Forum

    Great topic! I think we can all agree that activity inside our record storage centers is declining. I feel new boxes are declining as well, but not at the rate activity is dropping. I believe scanning and shredding are growth areas, with shredding...

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  • In today's data-intensive, hyper-connected world, storage solutions built on the vertical scaling model have become impractical and expensive. Enterprises are driven by the need to remain competitive while storing and managing petabytes of data. In this vein, ESG senior analyst Mark Peters believes that there is at last a straight line between how storage is configured and business value — if organizations can get it right.
  • Is flash storage in your cloud architecture? If not, should it be? To answer that question, we should consider today's cloud computing environment. Modern cloud computing environments provide for efficient, faster and more responsive use of resources. This efficiency enables organizations to realize better performance and a higher degree of competitiveness. Organizations gain agility and as a result, they can achieve their business goals faster.


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